Implant surgery

  • STEP 1- Procedure involves initial placement of titanium implant in the jaw bone, for which bone is drilled to make specific diameter space and implant is placed

  • The implant remains under the gum for 3 - 6 months. The patient continues to wear their old denture/ temporary prosthesis during this period

  • STEP-2 (3 to 6 months later) The implant is exposed by removing a small amount of gum tissue. An healing cap is screwed or cemented down into the implant.

  • STEP-3 Final step of abutment and prosthesis. The secured Insert can accommodate various attachments upon which Over-dentures, crowns, or bridges may attach.

In which cases Implants can be given?

If single/multiple teeth are missing:-

All the teeth are missing:-

1. Implant supported dentures (Removable Prosthesis)-

  • Implant denture with ball attachments

  • Implant denture with bar and clip attachment

2. Implant supported prosthesis (Fixed Prosthesis)-

A. Hybrid Prosthesis:-

B. Fixed Prosthesis:-